We provide complete control system design/build capabilities as per client's specification and requirements.
Your existing control system could be carefully studied and up-graded by our specialists for more safety, operational improvement and cost saving. 

This system is an advanced method for oil removal from produced water or waste water before discharge or re-injection to oil wells. The units are compact, lightweight with a small footprint, very much suited for offshore platforms. These units are able to reduce the residence time for separation up to 80 percent or more.
10 units of these systems have been so far installed and commissioned on the different offshore oil platforms and 5 further units have been installed and commissioned on the onshore production units, Persian Gulf, Iran.  

We are supplying the chemical dosing system to aid the recovery of water treatment system and oil and gas, both offshore and onshore.
We can supply metering pumps in a wide variety design configuration and operation, such as:
•     Plunger or double diaphragm pumps
•     Fixed and variable speed drive
•     Manual, electrical or pneumatic flow rate control

We design and manufacture of high effective filtering of suspending particles from waste process and drinking waters and also we provide activated carbon filter for drinking water.

Our units -compact for small capacity- are perfect for oil and grease separation and non-aqueous removal, ground water treatment and variety of other applications.
Large capacity OWS is ideal for oil, water, free phase product and crude oil enhanced separation. 

Electrostatic desalting units are employed for both oil field production units and refineries to facilitate the removal of inorganic chloride and water contaminates from crude oil.
In the refinery, the removal of these water soluble compounds prevents or minimizes damage to downstream equipment in distillation unit.

We have cooperation agreement with well-known international engineering and manufacturing companies with know-how of new high efficiency internals. Our engineering partner makes CFD study for each case to find the best solution