We offer our clients supports beyond just pipeline engineering. Hirgan Energy Engineering Company supports the client with all aspects of hydrocarbon transfer systems from wellhead tie-ins to grass roots processing facilities and all of the steps in between. Hirgan Energy is capable to design pipeline gathering systems, flow lines, sales gas lines, and injection lines. Services include single-phase, multi-phase, sweet and sour, high and low pressure overall types of terrain.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• Pipeline design
• High and low pressures pipelines design
• Large diameters pipelines design
• Stress analysis
• Leak detection system
• Pump stations
• Gas compressor/reducing stations

We provide the following services in regards with the oil products storage:
• Design fixed/floating roof tanks
• Design spherical tanks
• Design double-shell tanks
• Loading/unloading systems for oil products/liquefied gas

We deliver tailored solutions to build and operate power generation facilities that produce energy from natural gas, steam, water and renewable resources. We also help clients with clean air emissions and re-powering of plants.

Our experienced professionals provide services ranging from site selection and feasibility studies, thorough design, procurement, construction, and plant start-up. Combining specialized experience with innovative approaches, we effectively accelerate the implementation of capital projects. Our collaborative approach lets clients take advantage of favorable market conditions and minimize cost of capital.

We provide our clients with services for petrochemical EPC & operation projects-of whatsoever nature-due to which the possible options are studied and finally the best techno-economical option are concluded. The said services include:
• Techno-economical studies
• Process know-how (in cooperation with licensor companies)
• Process plants
• Storage plants
• Reactor & processing facilities
• Packing facilities

We are expertise in providing services for WWTS Projects in any scale – from specifying a simple, cost-effective package plant to a large-scale plant sanitary / industrial wastewater strategy plant or a regional sludge strategy. Our technical services include civil and structural, electrical and instrumentation, mechanical and piping, process, project, program management and HSE Management.

Besides the design of traditional solutions such as wastewater treatment works, our expertise in this sector includes water recycling schemes, odour control, sustainable drainage systems, and the ability to integrate wastewater engineering with water quality modeling, ecology and land-use management to provide a catchments management service which meets the requirements of the well-known international standards for Water Framework Directive. In Oil & Gas industries, the oily wastewater treatment projects are carried out by our company, which provides the water outlet with less than 10 ppm impurities.

Our Clients include: water utility companies, contractors, local and regional governmental authorities and developers for water resources.

We provide start-to-completion services which can include any or all of the following stages:
• Collecting network
• Strategic plans
• Pre-feasibility, feasibility, basic and detailed design
• Project management and site supervision

To ensure from constructability, operability and performance of all the Contracted Projects, we utilize international procedures based on latest quality standards. Tailoring the tasks to our client need, we work closely with our clients, complimenting their talents and expertise with our engineering support.

Hirgan Energy is ideally suited for the following activities:
• Environmental projects
• Bio-fuel generation
• Metal processing factories
• Cement industries
• Food & beverage industries
• Foundation & buildings
• Instrument, Control, SCADA systems
• Pre-commissioning & commissioning